• Josh Spector

The Woes of Whitby is a GO!

We have our cast and team ready to go! Only a few minor tweaks to the script and recording will officially begin. We are so excited to start this project and truly appreciate the interest from the bottom of our hearts. Having to transition this work from a stage show to a radio drama was a hiccup we ran into due to the world going all Apocalypse Now, but it has been a blast! We hope you look forward to our finished product! If you would like to read more about The Woes of Whitby, see below!

"Whitby. The late 19th century. A thriving coastal town in North Yorkshire, England. Full of bustling streets, gothic spires, sweeping ocean views... and evil lurking in the shadows. When the young and outgoing Lucy Westenra suddenly falls mysteriously ill, those around her are thrown into a dangerous conflict in an attempt to protect her. To protect her from what, or whom, they don't even know."

A radio drama about love, loss, and found family. Coming soon to podcast platforms.

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